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Our Mission

The perfect Storm

Never before has the world faced extraordinary man made dangers. Galileo Surgical has the capability to contribute to the science that may help our fellow human beings, animals and plant life to survive the imminent dangers to the planet.

Under the Kyoto agreement 159 countries agreed to reduce greenhouse emissions by 5.2% from 1990 levels. Minimally Invasive Surgery is exponentially increasing the release of carbon dioxide.  The world now needs isobaric surgery to help eliminate one of the great contributors to greenhouse emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions are rising exponentially. Surgery is one of the leading causes of Green house gases. The elimination of significant emissions is in our grasp. Our products, Galileo Dexterity, Dome, NoReflux and Smarthead can contribute to the safety of the planet and a significant reduction in healthcare costs.

Healthcare safety is imperative, Dexterity, Dome, Smarthead are the only devices available, patented and proven to stem the surgical spread of Covid-19 and other pathogens in operative surgery.

World wide health care costs have spiraled out of control, Galileo Surgical products can reverse this inflation by uniquely lowering the cost of health care to such an extent that it will help the economies of the world reduce health care costs by 60% globally.

Our Story

Galileo Surgical was formed to develop technologies to enable the conversion of open surgery to less invasive surgery. In 1987 it was inconceivable that gallbladder surgery could be performed by telescopic surgery. When I pioneered this surgery it did not receive support. By 1990 all the negatives had changed. The world wanted to know more about this and advanced laparoscopic surgery such as colon resection and oesophago-gastrectomy.

Pioneering surgeons, Bernard Dallemagne, Garth Ballantyne, myself and others helped to develop a new innovative approach to surgical education and training. Garth Ballantyne, Patrick Leahy, Lee R Cohen and Irve Modlin helped to connect pioneering surgeons publishing Laparoscopic Surgery to inform the surgical community of ground breaking developments in surgery. One of the great innovations in surgery thus began. Over the past 35 years Galileo Surgical has painstakingly developed, patented and introduced technologies to advance surgery, reduce costs and save the planet. 

We have developed physiological surgery since 1987, developing new techniques to reduce risk for patients. 15,000 patients are treated annually at The Laser Centre, Dublin, Ireland.  The techniques used avoid risk and reduce cost of healthcare.

Galileo Surgical is committed to making their products available to surgeons world wide to facilitate universally affordable equality healthcare.

Medical Story

The development of isobaric or gasless surgery is essential to prevent the spread of cancer cells during laparoscopic surgical procedures. The pneumoperitoneum created by carbon dioxide distension of the abdomen facilitates the seeding of cancer cells within the abdominal organs. The use of gasless techniques prevent such a risk. 50% of laparoscopic procedures have complications relating to carbon dioxide used in the creation of pneumoperitoneum. Anaesthetic complications are commonly related to the collapse of lung tissue and altered vascular perfusion. Carbon dioxide embolism is usually fatal when it occurs. Gasless surgery will prevent all of these complications. Pain post operatively is a common event after laparoscopic procedures. Isobaric or gasless surgery avoids this complication.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is present in 40% of the population. Almost 2% of the world population develop Barrett's Oesophagus. Barrett's oesophagus can change to cancer of the oesopahagus. The cost of medical management for this group of patients in Europe is €100 billion annually. The cost of work days lost in Europe is €100 billion annually. Similar costs are encountered in United States and Asia. Thus the cost of this disease world wide is almost € 1 trillion. Life long medication for GORD is €400,000. No-Reflux allows the immediate treatment of this condition without surgery. The cost of treatment is a once off amount. The cost is €500.

Robotic surgery is associated with an increased use of carbon dioxide gas than laparoscopic surgery. Gasless robotic surgery is possible with the DOME device. This allows a quicker procedure and no gas release into the environment. 

Covid-19 virus is spread in operating rooms with carbon dioxide gas use. This is an ever present danger to nurses, doctors and surgeons. Isobaric surgery is essential to prevent the dangers to frontline staff. 

Smarthead hernia repair is used to place a biodegradable patch to repair a hernia defect. This is an outpatient procedure. The biodegradable patch avoids the complications associated with nylon mesh.

Th Galileo Surgical team has successfully participated in innovating and bringing products to market. Patrick Leahy, Founder and CEO has contributed to and published his work in leading world surgical books such as Rob and Smith. The Team comprises surgeons, engineers, business and financial experts.  All members have outstanding track records in their respective fields. The technology experts have many years of experience in manufacturing, developing and bringing products to market successfully. The composite group have great synergy to make Galileo Surgical a force in Biotechnology.

The alignment with established companies to manufacture on an OEM basis is the sure way to establish a foothold in the international market without too great a liability.

International patents are granted from the US Patent Office and European Patent Office.

Experienced Leadership

Experienced Leadership

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